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| November 26, 2015

We had Thanksgiving at Julie Tajiri’s place. She had purchased a deep fryer for the turkey, which had a capacity of 14 lbs. She bought a 12 lb turkey for this Thanksgiving. Jennifer made macaroni & cheese, Julie bought stuffing and gravy from Bristol Farms, Iris made candied yams & cranberry sauce, and Morgan made… Read More »

Thanksgiving 2010

| November 25, 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving for both the Uematsu and Gee families. On the Uematsu side: Sue (Iris’ mom), Scott (Iris’ brother), Julie Tajiri (Scott’s ex-wife), Jennifer (Scott’s daughter), Casey (Scott & Julie’s son), and Cathy (Julie’s cousin). On the Gee side: Sue (Ron’s mom); Julie Gong (Ron’s sister) and her husband Ken; Jan Low (Ron’s youngest… Read More »


| November 26, 2009

We hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the first time in many years. For the past few years, Iris’ niece, Jennifer, had been hosting it, but this year, Jennifer and her husband, Edward, were in London over the Thanksgiving week. It was going to be a challenge, because our oven can’t accommodate anything very tall,… Read More »


| November 27, 2008

Normally, we have Thanksgiving with Iris’ extended family. This year we traveled up north to San Jose to have Thanksgiving with Ron’s old roommate, Tim Orsley, and his family. We were joined by another roommate of theirs, Frank Kovac, and his family of four, from Lake Tahoe. We left Wednesday afternoon around 12:45 PM, and… Read More »