Thanksgiving 2010

| November 25, 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving for both the Uematsu and Gee families. On the Uematsu side: Sue (Iris’ mom), Scott (Iris’ brother), Julie Tajiri (Scott’s ex-wife), Jennifer (Scott’s daughter), Casey (Scott & Julie’s son), and Cathy (Julie’s cousin). On the Gee side: Sue (Ron’s mom); Julie Gong (Ron’s sister) and her husband Ken; Jan Low (Ron’s youngest sister) and her husband, Mike; Julie & Ken’s kids, Daniel, Andrew, Christina, and Jennifer; and Jan & Mike’s kids, Kevin and Ryan.

We had a ton of food, with two turkeys (one roasted by Sue Gee), a honey-baked ham, macaroni & cheese (Jennifer), green bean casserole (Julie Tajiri), yams (Iris), Chinese sticky rice (Sue Gee), stuffing (Iris), rolls (Iris & Julie Gong), cranberry relish (Iris), cream corn (Jan), salad (Iris) and tamales (Cathy).

We also had a lot of dessert, including some fruit tarts brought by Cathy, a pumpkin cake (Julie Tajiri), and five pies: a French apple pie dropped off by Grace, an apple pie from the Apple Pan (Scott), pumpkin pie (Scott), coconut cream pie (Julie Gong), and another apple pie (Julie Gong). We only got through two of the pies and about half of the fruit tarts.