| November 27, 2008

11-27 Thanksgiving 029Normally, we have Thanksgiving with Iris’ extended family. This year we traveled up north to San Jose to have Thanksgiving with Ron’s old roommate, Tim Orsley, and his family. We were joined by another roommate of theirs, Frank Kovac, and his family of four, from Lake Tahoe.

We left Wednesday afternoon around 12:45 PM, and it was the heaviest traffic we had ever seen going up north. We stopped for lunch in the San Fernando Valley for about an hour, and we still didn’t clear the Grapevine until 6:30 PM. We didn’t roll into San Jose until 10:15 PM.

11-27 Thanksgiving 005The fare was a little unique this year. The Kovacs are vegetarian, so we had an all-vegetarian Thankgiving supper. The turkey was made of tofu, although it wasn’t a Tofurky. Interestingly, two days ago, we had seen a Food Channel episode of Unwrapped that showed how Tofurkys are made.