Magic Castle

| November 22, 2015

We had brunch at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. We had “won” the opportunity through a silent auction for the DMI (Dale Memorial Invitational) Basketball Tournament. Accompanying the four of us were Ryan (Morgan’s boyfriend) and JC (Stephanie’s boyfriend).

Valet parking only ($13 per car), plus a door charge, plus the cost of brunch ($40 per person) made for a pricey afternoon, but it was enjoyable. Food choices were excellent, including crab legs, prime rib, shrimp, made-to-order omelettes, pastries, salads, fruit, and pasta. There was a separate “kids” room with waffles, grilled cheese sandwiches, and makings for ice cream sundaes. Couldn’t take any pictures once we got past the lobby, unfortunately.

After brunch, we went to the main show in the Palace of Mystery, which is included as part of the brunch (you need tickets). We saw a magician from Brazil who did some rope magic as well as some hand-shadows. As there were many children in the audience (weekend brunch seems to be a very popular time for kids, since that’s the only time that children are allowed), volunteers from the audience were all kids. There was a second magician, a woman who did an interesting story-telling type of magic where she played the role of a janitor and her broom became her “date.”

After the Palace of Mystery, we went to The Parlour Of Prestidigitation, a smaller room. The magician there was really good, we enjoyed his act a bit more.