Firecracker 5K

| February 13, 2011

Both Ron and Stephanie ran the Firecracker 5K this year. This is the second time Ron has run in the Year of the Rabbit; his first was 24 years ago (1987) when he ran the 10K. He still has the t-shirt from that race, although it doesn’t fit him very well anymore.

They had a hard time finding a place to park, and they were still a block away when they heard the gun go off to start the race. However, there were so many runners that by the time they reached the starting line, there was still a big crowd waiting to begin.

This is another hilly course, although it’s uphill up to the halfway point, then downhill on the way back. This year’s race deviated slightly from previous years. Instead of taking a left turn on Stadium Way, we went right, up to a Dodger Stadium parking lot. There was a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles from up there, and Ron stopped to take a picture. Stephanie finished with an tag time of 32:07 and Ron finished with a tag time of 39:37.