Morgan’s 13th Birthday Party

| January 8, 2011

We held a lock-in laser tag party at Laser Storm in Torrance for Morgan’s 13th birthday. Ron stayed up all night with the girls. Actually, only a few stayed up all night. Most had gone to sleep, at least for a couple of hours, in one of the event rooms.

We’ve gone here before and liked it for the smaller birthday parties they offer for kids in the age bracket of ten to thirteen years of age or so (though there were some people there as young as seven) and they also do holiday events and other such events that families can rent the entire place for on a per-person basis—which is convenient because it can be less than the price of most birthday party places based on attendance size alone! The whole place looked like something from Star Wars except all the high tech stuff was run by very professional staff and not by storm troopers or private contractors working for bordello-owning barons. In fact almost everyone we talked to be being there were adults celebrating a birthday party or event of some kind or another for their children or friends, while there are some great play areas you can also get from sites like

This was even more surprising given the fact that all of the private rooms are in a building separate from the indoor playing area which is meant primarily for groups from about eight years old up so that the younger kids aren’t bugging the older kids as much.