Venice Obon 2010

| July 17, 2010

As was the case last year, Stephanie couldn’t make the Obon Festival at the Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. Her high school team was playing in the San Diego Classic during the same weekend. Morgan, Iris, & Ron had plenty to do, though, helping out at the Dango booth, the Udon booth, Chicken Teriyaki booth, Snow Cone booth, and Girl Scout Aloha Toss booth.

Morgan got to dance both days and, interestingly, she wanted to dance, which was unusual for her. Ron got to dance Sunday. Too bad we didn’t make any practices this year, because there seemed to be a lot of new dances, and Ron sat out most of them. Sunday evening ended with four classics: Shiawase Samba, One Plus One Ondo, Tanko Bushi, and Obon No Uta (aka Bon Odori Uta), so Ron was able to get a little dancing in.

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