| January 1, 2010

As we have for the past few years, we hosted Oshogatsu. For four days, we had been shopping, chopping, cooking, cleaning, and arranging for our largest get-together of the year. This year, we think we had 50-60 guests drop by at one point or the other, including family, friends, neighbors, teammates, current co-workers, old co-workers, and school mates. The family room was packed, the living room somewhat crowded, and luckily the kids played outside for the most part. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures; we were too busy running around. Ron had to drive to the store a couple of times during the day to pick up more stuff.

Guests started arriving at noon, and the last guests didn’t depart until midnight — a long day. We ended up with a ton of leftovers, which we mostly ate over the following week. It also took several days afterwards to put most of the house back in order (although we still have tables out going into February). Still, we only do it once a year, and we enjoy having everyone over for a good time.