Bev & Summy’s Wedding

| May 9, 2009

090509 Bev & Summy Wedding 004We went to Bev & Summy’s wedding. Summy is Ron’s first cousin once removed (Ron’s dad’s and Summy’s grandmother are brother & sister). It was a beautiful day for a wedding: the weather was warm and the ceremony was held in the outdoor courtyard of the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. Stephanie was away at AstroCamp and Morgan & Iris were at Universal Studios with her school choir, so Ron attended the wedding with the rest of the Gee side of the family (his mom and his sisters’ families)

090509 Bev & Summy Wedding 028Afterwards, a reception was held at the Empress Pavilion in Chinatown. Ron had swung by Universal Studios to pick up Morgan and Iris, so they were able to at least attend the reception. It was a lot of fun (even though Ron’s seat was strategically placed behind a pillar so he couldn’t see most of the activities). A small reception by Chinese standards (just under 300 people, about the same size as Ron & Iris’). Lots of great food (Iris really enjoyed the Maine lobster) and plenty of dancing (we could have partied later into the night).

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