Morgan’s 10th Birthday

| January 2, 2008

Morgan’s birthday was actually Dec. 18, but we decided to celebrate it during her school’s winter break. Instead of a party, Morgan invited a couple of friends for an overnight trip to Disneyland. We booked a suite at the Disneyland hotel, which fit all six of us comfortably. The four kids took the bedroom while Iris and Ron got the pull-out bed in the living room.

Our first day was spent at Disneyland, and we managed to get in a lot of rides because the park wasn’t very busy. The Christmas decorations were still up, and the Haunted Mansion was still decorated with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. We had dinner back at the hotel, at one of our favorite spots, Goofy’s Kitchen. After dinner, Ron took the four kids back to Disneyland to catch a few more rides before turning in. The only bummer was that we got stuck in the Pirates of the Carribean ride for almost ann hour because of a malfunction; we did get a good-for-anytime FastPass to make up for it, but we only had time for one more ride before the park closed that evening.

The next morning, the kids wanted room service, so we ordered up a bunch of pancakes, French toast, fruit, juice, and toast. We spent most of that day at California Adventure, and again, we caught almost all of the rides that we wanted, some of them multiple times. All-in-all, a very nice trip, and the cost was comparable to throwing a large party (especially since our family and one of Morgan’s friends already had annual passes to Disneyland).