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  1. Morgan

    Dad it was camp morningstar not morningside. And we had to SLOWDANCE with BOYS EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron

    You’re right: Camp Morningstar, in the San Bernadino mountains.

  3. Felicia Tollette

    Thanks for capturing this memorial event for Rogo and sharing the great pics. All the best to you and yours in the New Year,

  4. Andrew D.

    I’m not using a sub-domain but I’m using ONE hosting account \root has WordPress 2.9.1 on DomainA and \root\subfolder is a second separate domain (DomainB) with a separate install of WordPress 3.3.2.

    Would your solution also fix my issue?

    1. Ron

      Would your solution also fix my issue?

      If you’re hosted on a Windows server, Andrew, I think it would. I would first try enabling the diagnostics by making the changes to web.config under The Problem section above. I think you just need to do it in the web.config file that’s in the subfolder (make sure you create a backup copy of the original in case you muck it up). Then try to access your site under the subfolder and see if you get the duplicate collection entry error. If so, then proceed with the rest of the above solution. Good luck.

  5. E Miles

    Thanks for this guide. Was having this problem and the godaddy support team was no help.
    This fixed my issues!

  6. Alex

    I’ve been living with this problem for so long! Thanks a million for this 😀

  7. Brian Kaya

    Congrats to Morgan! You’ve grown so much, I probably wouldn’t recognize you if I bumped into on the street. I’ve missed you at Center Street! Good luck to you at high school. Be sure to visit Mrs. Green in the ESHS Library.

  8. Don B.

    I am so glad I was able to find this. I just like you and E Miles was having issues with godaddy’s hosting service and this worked perfectly. I added the:

    to my root domain’s web.config then proceeded with my subdomain’s web.config with the details… BOOM!!! Good to go. Thanks for posting this Ron,

    Don B.

  9. Bcalla

    Holy moly, this just saved me a ton of time. Thanks for the troubleshoot.


  10. Biplob Singha Shee


    I have hosted in Windows Hosting Accounts in Godaddy web hosting.

    I have tried to install it but after installation error page shows…

    “No configuration file found and no installation code available. Exiting…”

    —- What should I do ?

    Thanks in advance

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