Dec. 4, 2009: Stephanie on long board vs. Redondo
Stephanie is wearing the green rashguard. Her teammate, Samantha, is wearing white and appears first in the video.

Dec. 2, 2009: Stephanie on long board vs. Mira Costa

Nov. 6, 2009: El Segundo High Eagles vs. San Pedro High Pirates

El Segundo in blue, yellow, and red rash guards, San Pedro in white, orange, and green.

Competing for El Segundo in Girls Short Board, Kristin Bucher (yellow), Jasmine Naea (red), and Alex Womack (blue).

Girls Long Board starts at 6:17, with Kristin Bucher (red), Samantha Vinzon (yellow), and Stephanie Gee (blue).
8:50 & 9:50 – Stephanie has nice rides
10:25 – Samantha stands
10:30 – Kristin stands
11:45 – Samantha nice ride
16:40 – Samantha stands