St. Anthony

January 9, 2010
El Segundo Lady Eagles vs. St. Anthony Saints (Long Beach)

Final Score: El Segundo 42, St. Anthony 66
Box Score

El Segundo wearing blue (Visitor), St. Anthony wearing white (Home)

First Quarter: El Segundo 4, St. Anthony 20

At the 14:26 mark, #22 for St. Anthony, Tumauni Moss, gets struck in the nose by Stephanie’s shoulder as Stephanie drives for a layup, causing Moss’ nose to bleed. Play continues for a couple of more possessions, with Moss wiping her nose with her jersey, until the next dead ball. Close-up of Moss’ bloody face at the 15:50 mark.


Second Quarter: El Segundo 17, St. Anthony 37

Third Quarter: El Segundo 25, St. Anthony 58

Fourth Quarter: El Segundo 42, St. Anthony 66