Jul 16 2009

San Diego Classic

Stephanie played with the El Segundo High School girls basketball team played in the San Diego Classic this weekend. It is supposedly the largest high school girls basketball tournament in the country, with over 300 girls high school basketball teams competing from Thursday through Sunday. This is the first time in seven years […]

Jul 12 2009

Father’s Day Brunch 2009

We had a wonderful Father’s Day Brunch at i. Cugini in Santa Monica.

Jul 12 2009

Obon Festivals

We went to three Obon festivals this year: Nishi Hongwanji in J-Town, Venice Hongwanji, and Gardena Hongwanji; probably the most we’ve gone to in one year. Morgan actually danced a bit at Nishi, though probably just long enough to get a free ticket. During the Venice obon, both Ron and Iris helped out at the […]

Jul 5 2009


The Buchers invited us over to their home to celebrate Ernie’s birthday.

Jul 5 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July weekend at Ron’s sister, Julie’s, home up in Hanford. Iris and Morgan took the Amtrak up to Hanford on Wednesday. Interestingly, the train does not go all the way through; they had to first take a bus to Bakersfield and then a train the rest of the way (Ron […]