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Posts tagged as “Uematsus”

Christmas Day with the Uematsus, 2011

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We have our traditional Christmas breakfast at Fromins Deli in Santa Monica, then head to Julie Tajiris’s apartment to open gifts.

Morgan’s 14th Birthday

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We had dinner with the Uematsu family for Morgan’s 14th birthday at the Daily Grill in Brentwood.

Christmas with Uematsu Family 2010

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We celebrate Christmas with Iris’ side of the family. We first had breakfast at Fromin’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. Normally we go on Christmas day, but because Jennifer, Scott, Casey,…

Thanksgiving 2010

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We hosted Thanksgiving for both the Uematsu and Gee families. On the Uematsu side: Sue (Iris’ mom), Scott (Iris’ brother), Julie Tajiri (Scott’s ex-wife), Jennifer (Scott’s daughter), Casey (Scott &…