Feb 15 2015

Stephanie’s & Sue’s Birthdays

We celebrate Sue Uematsu’s 92nd birthday and Stephanie Gee’s 20th birthday at Aki Restaurant in West LA.


Feb 27 2010

Peking Duck at Sea Empress

Iris’ mom, Sue, took us out for dinner. She wanted Chinese food, so we went to the Sea Empress Seafood Restaurant in Gardena. Morgan had a serious Jones for Peking Duck, and we intended to order a half a duck to keep her happy. The waiter, though, informed us they were having a special on […]

May 21 2008

Sue’s Knee Surgery

Iris’ mom, Sue, had knee replacement surgery this morning. The operation went well, and we went to visit her in the afternoon.

She’s got her leg in an interesting apparatus that automatically bends her knee every few minutes. And wrapped around her knee is a neoprene sleeve that’s attached to a hose, which keeps […]