Dec 22 2014

Christmas with Gees, Gongs, and Lows 2014

We celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family.


Dec 20 2011

Christmas with Gee Family 2011

We celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family at his sister, Jan’s, home in Seal Beach.

Dec 23 2010

Christmas with Gongs and Lows

We celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family. We first had dim sum at Happy House Chinese Restaurant before going to the Low’s house in Seal Beach. We had to make it an early celebration because Stephanie’s high school team was playing in a basketball tournament in Whittier that evening.

Nov 27 2010

Birthday Dinner with Gongs and Lows

Aug 3 2010

Dinner with Vickie

We had dinner with Vickie Johnson LaFleur. Vickie was the sister of Ron’s best friend growing up, Randall, who passed away in 1990. Vickie and Ron’s sister, Julie, were getting together with three other high school friends for a trip to Las Vegas later in the week, but here we’re having dinner with Julie’s […]

Jul 4 2010

4th of July in Hanford

Ron and Stephanie drove up to Hanford to join Morgan for the 4th of July. Morgan had been spending the previous week there with the Gongs. Stephanie couldn’t go up earlier because her high school basketball team was running a booth at Rec Park as a fund raiser. Iris decided she didn’t want to drive […]

Jul 5 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July weekend at Ron’s sister, Julie’s, home up in Hanford. Iris and Morgan took the Amtrak up to Hanford on Wednesday. Interestingly, the train does not go all the way through; they had to first take a bus to Bakersfield and then a train the rest of the way (Ron […]