Dec 20 2011

Christmas with Gee Family 2011

We celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family at his sister, Jan’s, home in Seal Beach.

Nov 25 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving for both the Uematsu and Gee families. On the Uematsu side: Sue (Iris’ mom), Scott (Iris’ brother), Julie Tajiri (Scott’s ex-wife), Jennifer (Scott’s daughter), Casey (Scott & Julie’s son), and Cathy (Julie’s cousin). On the Gee side: Sue (Ron’s mom); Julie Gong (Ron’s sister) and her husband Ken; Jan Low (Ron’s […]

Dec 20 2009

Christmas with the Gees, 2009

We went down to Seal Beach to celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family. Jan made a rib roast using a Lawry’s Roast Beef recipie that she got out of the LA Times. Julie’s carving the roast in this pic.

After dinner, we celebrated Iris’ and Morgan’s birthdays, since Morgan’s […]