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Posts tagged as “birthday”

Morgan’s 12th Birthday

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Morgan invited her basketball team and some friends from school to a sleep-over birthday party. The plan was to have a scavenger hunt the next day, so they started off…

Birthday Dinners

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We went down to the Low’s house in Seal Beach to celebrate various birthdays with Ron’s sisters’ families. Click here for more pics.


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The Buchers invited us over to their home to celebrate Ernie’s birthday.

Emiko Turns Four

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Emiko quietly celebrated her fourth birthday.

Stephanie’s Birthday Snatch

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Stephanie decided she wanted to surprise her friends on her birthday by doing a “reverse” snatch. We started off at 6:15 AM and went to 10 different houses, “kidnapping” her…

Morgan’s 10th Birthday

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Morgan’s birthday was actually Dec. 18, but we decided to celebrate it during her school’s winter break. Instead of a party, Morgan invited a couple of friends for an overnight…