Dec 18 2009

Morgan’s 12th Birthday

Morgan invited her basketball team and some friends from school to a sleep-over birthday party. The plan was to have a scavenger hunt the next day, so they started off by splitting up into teams, and each person made a t-shirt with their team’s color as part of the main design. Iris made a […]

Nov 28 2009

Birthday Dinners

We went down to the Low’s house in Seal Beach to celebrate various birthdays with Ron’s sisters’ families.

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Jul 5 2009


The Buchers invited us over to their home to celebrate Ernie’s birthday.

Jun 24 2008

Emiko Turns Four

Emiko quietly celebrated her fourth birthday.

Jan 27 2008

Stephanie’s Birthday Snatch

Stephanie decided she wanted to surprise her friends on her birthday by doing a “reverse” snatch. We started off at 6:15 AM and went to 10 different houses, “kidnapping” her unknowing friends. The rules were simple: no makeup and no changing, other than to put on shoes and a robe or sweatshirt. With three carloads […]

Jan 2 2008

Morgan’s 10th Birthday

Morgan’s birthday was actually Dec. 18, but we decided to celebrate it during her school’s winter break. Instead of a party, Morgan invited a couple of friends for an overnight trip to Disneyland. We booked a suite at the Disneyland hotel, which fit all six of us comfortably. The four kids took the bedroom while […]