Dec 19 2015

Morgan’s Birthday Dinner

Morgan celebrated her 18th birthday at BOA Steakhouse in Santa Monica with Lena Oliver and her boyfriend, Ryan McDonough.

Apr 19 2015

Dick Tochihara’s 93rd Birthday

There was a surprise birthday party for Dick Tochihara, a close family friend of Sue Uematsu’s. The party was held at Cherrystones Restaurant in Gardena.

Feb 15 2015

Stephanie’s & Sue’s Birthdays

We celebrate Sue Uematsu’s 92nd birthday and Stephanie Gee’s 20th birthday at Aki Restaurant in West LA.


Dec 18 2011

Morgan’s 14th Birthday

We had dinner with the Uematsu family for Morgan’s 14th birthday at the Daily Grill in Brentwood.

Nov 27 2011

Julie Tajiri’s Birthday

The Uematsu family celebrate Julie Tajiri’s birthday at Hop Li Seafood Restaurant in West Los Angeles.

Mar 20 2011

Casey’s Birthday Lunch

Scott and Julie hosted a dim sum birthday lunch for Casey at The Palace Seafood Restaurant (formerly VIP Seafood). We had two tables in a nice private room, and several of Casey’s friends from his school, as well as a few of his teachers, came.

Jan 27 2011

Stephanie’s 16th Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Stephanie’s 16th birthday with the Uematsus at Aki Restaurant in Santa Monica.

Jan 8 2011

Morgan’s 13th Birthday Party

We held a lock-in laser tag party at Laser Storm in Torrance for Morgan's 13th birthday. Ron stayed up all night with the girls. Actually, only a few stayed up all night. Most had gone to sleep, at least for a couple of hours, in one of the event rooms.

Nov 27 2010

Birthday Dinner with Gongs and Lows

Oct 10 2010


We had dinner at Paula’s home to celebrate her 50th birthday. We had brought a couple of tri-tips to roast, while Julie Downes prepared a potato dish and brought a red velvet cake for dessert. A very tasty dinner.