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Jan 8 2011

Morgan’s 13th Birthday Party

We held a lock-in laser tag party at Laser Storm in Torrance for Morgan's 13th birthday. Ron stayed up all night with the girls. Actually, only a few stayed up all night. Most had gone to sleep, at least for a couple of hours, in one of the event rooms.

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Jan 8 2011

Fried Oreos

Morgan and Jennifer try making Fried Oreos for the first time. They dipped the oreos in pancake batter and deep fried them.

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Jan 1 2011

Oshogatsu 2011

We held oshogatsu at our home again. This year was much less hectic than last year, probably because we had many fewer people drop by.

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Dec 26 2010

Dinner with the Quans

We had dinner with the Quan side of the family. Jane, Jeff, & Justin Bell drove down from Chico. Ben, Judy, and their two kids, Michelle and Rachel, came in from Encino. Helen and Amy were both there, and the only Quan missing was Tom and his family.

On the Gee side was our family, Ron’s mom, Sue; and Jan & Mike Low’s family.

We had dinner at Ten Ten Seafood in Artesia, which was unfortunate for the Quan girls because they didn’t like seafood.

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Dec 25 2010

Christmas with Carlson Family

We celebrate Christmas with Paula Carlson’s family. Her parents were in town from Finland and Julie Downes was also with us. Morgan was in Disneyland with Jennifer, Scott, and Casey.

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Dec 25 2010

Christmas 2010

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Dec 24 2010

Christmas with Uematsu Family 2010

We celebrate Christmas with Iris’ side of the family. We first had breakfast at Fromin’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. Normally we go on Christmas day, but because Jennifer, Scott, Casey, and Morgan were going to be in Disneyland on Christmas, we celebrated a day early. Julie Tajiri’s mom, Joyce, joined us this year. She recently had hip surgery and was recuperating in a hospital, but Julie brought her out for the day.

After breakfast, we headed to Julie’s apartment to open gifts. Then later that evening, we went to Aki Restaurant for a Japanese dinner.

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Dec 23 2010

Christmas with Gongs and Lows

We celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family. We first had dim sum at Happy House Chinese Restaurant before going to the Low’s house in Seal Beach. We had to make it an early celebration because Stephanie’s high school team was playing in a basketball tournament in Whittier that evening.

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Nov 27 2010

Birthday Dinner with Gongs and Lows

Nov 25 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving for both the Uematsu and Gee families. On the Uematsu side: Sue (Iris’ mom), Scott (Iris’ brother), Julie Tajiri (Scott’s ex-wife), Jennifer (Scott’s daughter), Casey (Scott & Julie’s son), and Cathy (Julie’s cousin). On the Gee side: Sue (Ron’s mom); Julie Gong (Ron’s sister) and her husband Ken; Jan Low (Ron’s youngest sister) and her husband, Mike; Julie & Ken’s kids, Daniel, Andrew, Christina, and Jennifer; and Jan & Mike’s kids, Kevin and Ryan.

We had a ton of food, with two turkeys (one roasted by Sue Gee), a honey-baked ham, macaroni & cheese (Jennifer), green bean casserole (Julie Tajiri), yams (Iris), Chinese sticky rice (Sue Gee), stuffing (Iris), rolls (Iris & Julie Gong), cranberry relish (Iris), cream corn (Jan), salad (Iris) and tamales (Cathy).

We also had a lot of dessert, including some fruit tarts brought by Cathy, a pumpkin cake (Julie Tajiri), and five pies: a French apple pie dropped off by Grace, an apple pie from the Apple Pan (Scott), pumpkin pie (Scott), coconut cream pie (Julie Gong), and another apple pie (Julie Gong). We only got through two of the pies and about half of the fruit tarts.