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Nov 27 2011

Julie Tajiri’s Birthday

The Uematsu family celebrate Julie Tajiri’s birthday at Hop Li Seafood Restaurant in West Los Angeles.
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Nov 24 2011

Torrance Turkey Trot 2011

Stephanie, Morgan, and Ron run the Torrance Turkey Trot on Thankgiving Day. Paula Carlson also joined us, and Paula’s daughter, Eliisa, also ran, but Eliisa ran with her Cross Country teammates from South High.
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Jun 4 2011

ESHS Prom 2011

Stephanie and her boyfriend, Ryan Kigawa, a junior at El Segundo High School, attended the Junior/Senior Prom at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro. While Fort Mac has its origins as an Army facility, it is now run by the Air Force. One nice thing about having a prom on a military base is that parents have a peace of mind knowing that the site is secure (you have to show ID at the guard gate before you’re allowed on the grounds).

After dropping the kids off at the prom, Iris & Ron, along with Ryan’s parents, Laura & Steve Kigawa, drove across Terminal Island to the Shoreline Drive area of Long Beach. We had dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and then went to see the movie X-Men: First Class. The movie ended just before we had to pick the kids up again, so it was good timing.

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May 28 2011

Tigers Tournament 2011

As has been the case ever since Ron can remember, the family played in the Tigers Basketball Tournament over Memorial Day weekend. Iris, Stephanie, and Morgan all had games on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Iris played at Pasadena City College, Morgan played at Whittier High School, and Stephanie played at Alhambra High. I believe all three of their teams ended up with identical 1-2 records.

This year, El Segundo Schools had furlough days both before and after the Memorial Day weekend, so the kids had five days off, from Friday through Tuesday.

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Apr 11 2011

2011 Spring Break in Sedona

We spent this year’s spring break in Sedona, Arizona. Iris and Ron had visited Sedona once, before the kids were born, but remembered very little of their trip.

We stayed at the Sedona Summit Resort on the west end of Sedona. It was a nice, luxurious two-bedroom unit with private baths and king size beds in each bedroom. Each bath had jacuzzi tubs and dual sinks with copper basins. Nice full size kitchen, although the one bad thing was the cutlery: the knives were very dull. Good thing we brought our own.

Ron has a friend/co-worker who moved to Sedona about a year ago, and who has been working remotely from there. We visited him one afternoon, and his custom built house sits on a property that has gorgeous views of the red rock formations.

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Mar 26 2011

Run For Education

Ron, Stephanie, and Morgan ran the Run for Education this year. Morgan ran (or, mostly walked) because she could get extra credit for PE. She picked up Emiko from Iris along the way, so Emiko got some exercise. It’s a fairly hilly course, especially the last mile.

This was the first year the race was officially timed. Ron finished with an official time of 36:03 (11:36 pace), placing 476 out of 1105 overall, 287 out of 491 among men, 18 out of 31 in his age group. Stephanie finished with an official time of 31:24 (10:07 pace), placing 309 out of 1105 overall, 103 out of 614 women, 13 out of 49 in her age group. Morgan finished with an official time of 51:41 (16:39 pace), placing 879 out of 1105 overall, 450 out of 614 women, 57 out of 83 in her age group.

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Mar 20 2011

Casey’s Birthday Lunch

Scott and Julie hosted a dim sum birthday lunch for Casey at The Palace Seafood Restaurant (formerly VIP Seafood). We had two tables in a nice private room, and several of Casey’s friends from his school, as well as a few of his teachers, came.

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Feb 13 2011

Firecracker 5K

Both Ron and Stephanie ran the Firecracker 5K this year. This is the second time Ron has run in the Year of the Rabbit; his first was 24 years ago (1987) when he ran the 10K. He still has the t-shirt from that race, although it doesn’t fit him very well anymore.

They had a hard time finding a place to park, and they were still a block away when they heard the gun go off to start the race. However, there were so many runners that by the time they reached the starting line, there was still a big crowd waiting to begin.

This is another hilly course, although it’s uphill up to the halfway point, then downhill on the way back. This year’s race deviated slightly from previous years. Instead of taking a left turn on Stadium Way, we went right, up to a Dodger Stadium parking lot. There was a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles from up there, and Ron stopped to take a picture. Stephanie finished with an tag time of 32:07 and Ron finished with a tag time of 39:37.

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Jan 27 2011

Stephanie’s 16th Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Stephanie’s 16th birthday with the Uematsus at Aki Restaurant in Santa Monica.

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Jan 15 2011

Barbara Oliver & Ron Burgess Wedding

On Jan. 15, 2011, Barbara Oliver & Ron Burgess were married at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. The weather was fabulously warm and the skies clear. The ceremony took place just before sunset. Barbara’s daughter, Lena, was the Maid of Honor.

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