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Apr 25 2012

WordPress, Comments, and E-mail

Another problem specific to GoDaddy-hosted sites: when sending e-mail from your site, you must use a GoDaddy-hosted domain name as the from e-mail address. For example, if a user on your site,, submits a form and you want to send a confirmation message back to them, the from address must be It can’t be,, etc. Plus, you want to use as the SMTP host and not There’s a WordPress plugin that helps fix this shortcoming: WP Mail SMTP, and its is detailed in this nice article.

The reason why I want to enable e-mail from my site is that I’d like commenters to receive a notification e-mail when someone has replied to their comment, a standard feature in many blogs. Unfortunately this is not a standard feature built-in to WordPress, but there’s another plug-in called Comment Reply Notification that seems to do the job.

Eventually, I’d like to enable Facebook comments on the site.

Update: I’ve enabled Facebook comments on the website, mostly to combat the increasing amount of spam comments I’ve been getting. I’m using the Facebook Comments Plugin by Alex Moss. Be sure to use this one; there are others with the words Facebook Comments in their name. This one is really easy to setup and configure. For the most part, you can accept the defaults. The only thing you need to input is the API ID that you need to get from Facebook at this link (make sure you’re logged into Facebook). Click on the +Create New App button in the upper right corner of that page to and fill in the blanks to get a new App ID/API Key, that you will then put into the plug-in’s setting.

If you want to close all of your existing posts to the traditional WordPress comments, see here.

If you see the message “URL is Unreachable” message in the Facebook comments section of your posts, then you want to do what it says here.

Apr 22 2012

Raclette Grilling

One of our favorite meals with our friends, the Buchers, is raclette grilling. Raclette is a soft Swiss cheese that is melted and poured on top of potatoes and vegetables. On this particular day, we grilled lamb chops, sausages, and onion slices.
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Jan 7 2012

Stephanie’s Rec & Park Teams

Stephanie’s first teams coaching the Recreation and Parks league in El Segundo. Her second grade team was the Banana Slugs, and had Dylan Bucher as one of the players. Her 3rd/4th grade team was the Tigers.
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Jan 1 2012

Ohshogatsu 2012

We celebrate New Years Day at our home.
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Dec 25 2011

Christmas Dinner with Burgess Family, 2011

We have Christmas dinner with the Burgess’.
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Dec 25 2011

Christmas Day with the Uematsus, 2011

We have our traditional Christmas breakfast at Fromins Deli in Santa Monica, then head to Julie Tajiris’s apartment to open gifts.
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Dec 24 2011

Christmas Eve with the Carlsons, 2011

We spent Christmas Eve with our good friends, the Carlsons, and Julie Downes.
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Dec 20 2011

Christmas with Gee Family 2011

We celebrate Christmas with Ron’s side of the family at his sister, Jan’s, home in Seal Beach.
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Dec 18 2011

Morgan’s 14th Birthday

We had dinner with the Uematsu family for Morgan’s 14th birthday at the Daily Grill in Brentwood.
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Dec 4 2011

Venice Angels & Ponies Christmas Party 2011

The Venice Angeles & Ponies hold a combined Christmas Party at The Crush Bistro in El Segundo. Stephanie plays for the Angels and Morgan plays for the Ponies. The Crush is owned by Alvin Ching, the father of a player on both the Angels and the Ponies.
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