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Posts published in “Friends”

Lunch with the Orsleys

Ron 0

We had lunch with the Orsleys at Red Robin, who were down in Anaheim for a volleyball tournament with their son, Kevin. I had problems taking this selfie. I had…

Dinner at Burgess’

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We have dinner at the Burgess' home. Ron made gumbo and we had fancy cupcakes for dessert. We also celebrated Stephanie's 18th birthday.

Coronation Dance

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Stephanie and Morgan, along with a few of their friends, prepare at the Kigawa’s home for the ESHS Coronation Dance.

Raclette Grilling

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One of our favorite meals with our friends, the Buchers, is raclette grilling. Raclette is a soft Swiss cheese that is melted and poured on top of potatoes and vegetables.…

Ohshogatsu 2012

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We celebrate New Years Day at our home.

Barbara Oliver & Ron Burgess Wedding

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On Jan. 15, 2011, Barbara Oliver & Ron Burgess were married at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. The weather was fabulously warm and the skies clear. The…