Jun 9 2016

Morgan’s High School Graduation

The El Segundo High School graduation class of 2016.

May 21 2016

Morgan’s Senior Prom

El Segundo High School had their prom at Skirball Center this year. Morgan met with her basketball team at Quinn Adam’s home.

Apr 23 2016

NSU Game

Stephanie played in a tournament at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion with her NSU (Nikkei Student Union) team.

Feb 6 2016

Recs & Parks League

Morgan coached a couple of youth teams during Recs & Parks League. Here is her 4th/5th grade team.

Jul 16 2015

YAC 11

Morgan, along with 14 other teens from temples & churches across the US, attended the Buddhist Churches of America’s Youth Advocacy Council Retreat from July 6-12, 2015, at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.

May 30 2015

ESHS Prom 2015

Morgan attended El Segundo High School’s Junior/Senior prom.

Jan 10 2015

Recs & Parks League

Morgan coaches her 2nd grade Recs & Parks League team, the Sea Wolves, in a game at the El Segundo Teen Center on Jan. 10, 2015.

Oct 12 2013

2013 Coronation Dance

We had dinner at the Kigawa’s home before the Coronation (i.e., Homecoming) Dance.

Sep 29 2012

Coronation Dance

Stephanie and Morgan, along with a few of their friends, prepare at the Kigawa’s home for the ESHS Coronation Dance.

Jun 22 2012

ESMS Promotion 2012

Morgan was promoted from middle school (8th grade) in a ceremony at El Segundo Middle School on June 22, 2012.