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Posts published in August 2010

Camp Musubi

Ron 0

Morgan is attending Camp Musubi this week. The program is part educational and a lot of fun, with the focus on the Nikkei (Japanese immigrant) culture. This year, participants will…

WordPress and Subdomains

Ron 9

A couple of days ago, a secondary site that I host, also using the WordPress framework, was getting a 500 - Internal Server Error. I managed to fix it, but it took a lot of searching.

Cast Off

Ron 0

Stephanie gets her cast off after a little more than four weeks. Now she’s in a walking cast, and she can start moving her foot around & exercising it a…

DDIP Reunion

Ron 0

The 1980 Developmental Disabilities Immersion Program (DDIP), a group of 30 students and five staff members that Ron belonged to at UCLA, celebrated their 30 year reunion at Recreation Park…

LABCC 2010

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Morgan attended LABCC (Los Angeles Buddhist Coordinating Council) camp again this summer. This was her third year, and it was a summer activity that she was very much looking forward…

Dinner with Vickie

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We had dinner with Vickie Johnson LaFleur. Vickie was the sister of Ron’s best friend growing up, Randall, who passed away in 1990. Vickie and Ron’s sister, Julie, were getting…