May 29 2008

Natural History Museum

The fourth grade classes at Center Street School in El Segundo took a field trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Ron volunteered to be one of the chaperones, and he met Morgan’s class at the museum. There were enough parent chaperones to break the class up into small groups, so, in […]

May 21 2008

Sue’s Knee Surgery

Iris’ mom, Sue, had knee replacement surgery this morning. The operation went well, and we went to visit her in the afternoon.

She’s got her leg in an interesting apparatus that automatically bends her knee every few minutes. And wrapped around her knee is a neoprene sleeve that’s attached to a hose, which keeps […]

May 11 2008

Mothers Day

We spent Mothers Day with Iris’ family having dim sum at the Sea Empress Seafood Restaurant in Gardena. We got there early (10:30 AM), which allowed us to get a table right away. When we left around 11:30, the wait for a table looked at least to be an hour long.

After dim sum, […]