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Jun 25 2017

Low Eagle Scout Awards

My sister Jan’s two boys, Kevin and Ryan, received their Eagle Scout awards in a ceremony at the Cerritos Community Center on June 25, 2017.

Jun 9 2016

Morgan’s High School Graduation

The El Segundo High School graduation class of 2016.

May 21 2016

Morgan’s Senior Prom

El Segundo High School had their prom at Skirball Center this year. Morgan met with her basketball team at Quinn Adam’s home.

Apr 23 2016

NSU Game

Stephanie played in a tournament at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion with her NSU (Nikkei Student Union) team.

Mar 26 2016

Casey’s Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Casey’s 28th birthday at Aki Restaurant in West Los Angeles.

Feb 6 2016

Recs & Parks League

Morgan coached a couple of youth teams during Recs & Parks League. Here is her 4th/5th grade team.

Dec 19 2015

Morgan’s Birthday Dinner

Morgan celebrated her 18th birthday at BOA Steakhouse in Santa Monica with Lena Oliver and her boyfriend, Ryan McDonough.
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Dec 13 2015


Casey’s adult workshop, LA GOAL, had their annual holiday musical performance. Casey performed as the “cowboy in the forest.”
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Nov 26 2015


We had Thanksgiving at Julie Tajiri’s place. She had purchased a deep fryer for the turkey, which had a capacity of 14 lbs. She bought a 12 lb turkey for this Thanksgiving. Jennifer made macaroni & cheese, Julie bought stuffing and gravy from Bristol Farms, Iris made candied yams & cranberry sauce, and Morgan made a pumpkin pie. We had dinner out on the patio under lantern light.

Nov 22 2015

Magic Castle

We had brunch at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. We had “won” the opportunity through a silent auction for the DMI (Dale Memorial Invitational) Basketball Tournament. Accompanying the four of us were Ryan (Morgan’s boyfriend) and JC (Stephanie’s boyfriend).
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